Monday, June 11, 2012

Cover Up- Your Plan Book

A while ago I shared with you my teacher plan book.  As I plan for my return in August, I have started making my plan book for next year.   I will be using one of the following covers.  You can get these at my Teachers Notebook Store.  There are twelve different covers, one for each month if you can't decide.
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  1. I love these! I especially like the red polka dot. :)

    Kindergarten is the Best

  2. Hi Tiffani! I found your blog from a Pinterest link. As a first year teacher, I'm so thankful for all the advice! I look forward to your future posts :)
    Adventures in Sixth

  3. Susan- the red polka dot is my favorite too

    Lauren, welcome glad you found my blog

  4. Susa- the red polka dots are my favorite too


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