Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teacher Plan Book

Long ago I ditched the generic teacher plan book and began designing my own.  With a few tables placed into a word document I had exactly the type of plan book I needed.  No more having to write in daily or weekly activities and times such as recess, lunch or library.  At the beginning of the year my plans are very basic.  We have a lot of social skills time and time for learning procedures.  As the weeks progress, we move into centers, which means my plan book must change.  As the year goes on specials such as library, ELD and reading interventions are added.  So, once again the plan book must change.  My template goes through 3 or 4 changes a year.  Having a variety of pre-made templates makes planning so much easier.   This is what my plans look like after about the 6th week of school.  As you can see, some areas are blank.  I tend to write some of my plans on the computer and then handwrite the rest.
Here is what my plan book looks like.  It is a 2 inch 3ring binder.

Please ignore my messing scrawl.  I was in such a hurry the day I wrote these.

My page dividers for Calendars, PLC's, Class Rosters, Standards, Procedures, Staff Meetings 

that you can edit to fit your schedule

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  1. I found your planner on pinterest and was wondering what kind of dividers you used. I'm in the process of making my own plan book this year! Thanks!

    Success in Second Grade


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